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A cappella [a kkapˈpɛlla] translates to "in the manner of the chapel" in Italian; Music that is created without the use of any instruments other than our own voices. Based in Singapore, The Apex Project is an a cappella band that performs a pop/jazz repertoire with a theatrical twist. 

Since our inception in April 2016, we have won awards including:
Champions & Best VP at the Singapore Acachamps (2016)
Jury's Choice Award at Vocal Asia Taiwan (2016)
International Runner-up at Vocal Asia Shanghai (2017)
Champion at Battle of the Pitches (2017)
First Runner-up at CHVOCALS | Golden Acappella Awards & Festival
Best Stage Presentation at CHVOCALS | Golden Acappella Awards & Festival

We have also represented Singapore in Music Festivals held overseas such as the International A Cappella Extravaganza 2017 in Hong Kong, alongside multi-national Jazz A Cappella group - Accent Vocal, and Boston-based International A Cappella Champions The Nor'easters. 

MD & Tenor / Cheeyang Ng
Soprano & Mezzo / Jean Seizure
Alto & VP / Yvonne Ng
Baritone / Alejandro Houlu
Bass / Tan Chek Hoe

Tight vocal melodies held the song until the last end flourish.
— Mashable Asia

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